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Healing Lessons in the Wintery Woods

Today after brewing/drinking a rare cup of coffee, I later head into the woods and feel gratitude. Honoring my ancestors who hoisted me to this wonderful life. Drinking up the spectacular landscape that has been created by a hurricane colliding with a cold front. I ponder the lessons of healing my body wants to tell me. That these cold, uncomfortable symptoms… these things I have fear and negativity for – the correct reality to manifest or even just to see (or unveil) is gratitude. Gratitude that this is healing in action! To expand on this idea, I believe it’s the body speaking to me in it’s own language – one that seamed foreign for quite some time, that I am growing to understand. That this is the pathway towards vitality, vibrance and bliss.  Also that dancing is living! To shed the embarrassment and just feel the music move through my body. From a technical point of view, it moves and pumps the lymphatic system. That said, to move beyond the technical which justifies the action and perhaps creates a “should”… to a place of bliss and vitality through movement. To create colors and light for all to see. To connect with those I care about – which I have been doing this year and intend to build on. I feel like it’s going to be a good year. Healing for all. Some grieving for so many souls we have lost. But also honoring them by having gratitude for these gifts that fill our eyes with beauty. To do the work of Gaia – which I believe is to heal myself and then to heal my earth mother. 

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