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Welcome to Planet Duga

Take my nickname, Duga, and my love of this earth, Gaia, and what I came up with was “dugaia.com”. After watching “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, I decided to stop using Facebook in the extremely unhealthy, and co-dependent way. I thought of all those countless hours I spent scrolling the feed, seeing things that melted my brain (mostly cat memes and politically charged), and then being nagged from within on how much I wasn’t getting done in life. Not just the TODO list, but things I am passionate about that just were not happening. My passion for living wasn’t there. I stopped trying to actually make meaningful change in my life.

This all said, not sharing every little thought that entered my brain created a void. Some of it was healthy – I broke the cycle of that insatiable thirst for acceptance and approval. The flip-side is I no longer felt accountable and lost some motivation I was getting that came from sharing with like-minded people and building contagious energy about those meaningful things that make life worth living.

So this crude WordPress blog is what I came up with. I’ve already tried installing fancy plugins and got overwhelmed quite quickly. I uninstalled and then just chose a basic blog theme and went with it. It will improve over time as I learn, but the goal is to just go with the flow. It’s a place to share my thoughts, dreams, triumphs and failures.

I will then share these posts no more than weekly on Facebook to stay in touch in a healthy way. I imagine the Facebook algorithm won’t treat this all that well, but I don’t care. It’s the way things were before Facebook and I’m happy to go back to it. Especially for a platform that is responsible for cultural erosion and unrest.

I left a life as a Java developer and started working in high-end residential construction because I wanted to learn about building high performance, net zero, passive homes. I wanted to be part of the solution to global warming. I’m a long way but the path is clear. In the same way, not giving every piece of data to social media is another way I’m choosing to not be part of the problem. I can’t leave it completely, but I can leave the algorithm. I can live deliberately. Get off the feeds and go to where I want to go. Learn what I want to learn. Visit who I want to visit. Feel how I want to feel.

So hopefully great things are ahead. It’s been a crazy 2020. Getting laid off in late March, COVID, the fires, violent climate change… the world is getting more and more frightening. So with it, I’ve chosen to just get to work. I’m no longer going to try to convince those who will not listen that global warming exists. I want to get my hands dirty. And I’m hoping you’ll join me to keep me honest and on track. As long as we move the ball up field, we’re going to get a touchdown.

Have a great weekend my friends.

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